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The Grub Street Journal, the Exegesis Hermeneutics Flux Capacitor

Grub Street Journal is a new type of Journalism, or rather the rebirth of an old kind of journalism, but, then again? it's a new kind of Journalism of the Multi-Media kind; for the Internet of Things age. Then, again, it's a sort of Blakian fusion of; Art and letters, poetry, philosophy. A melding of ancient myth, philosophy, folklore a new Common Sense

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Flux Capacitor ( CONTACT!)

Building The Mega Exegesis Hermeneutics Flux Capacitor, For Maximising the Painful Truth missing from the International Lies Based order Main Stream Narrative.

Grub Street Paperazzi

A picture paints a thousand Truths, Exegesis Hermeneutics image flux capacitor

Flux Capacitor Front End Fun For Web 3

When the unvarnished truth is inconvenient to the "Actors in History ", engageĀ  Exegesis Hermeneutics Flux Capacitor (Chocks Away!)
#GrubStreetJournal, Web3, IPFS and distributed networks everywhere, Its Immutable Baby!

Live-streaming, News, Q and A's, Book Signings, Readings and Much More

The Grub Street Journal Designed to fulfil the Literary, Political and social commentary & criticism role of the Web 3 Fourth Estate

A New Multi Media Medium for readers Authors, Artists and Film Makers

Monetised and Distributed all on the DIstributed Blockchain Web 3.
The Exegesis Hermeneutics Flux Capacitor, We haveLift Off!

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